Monday, November 12, 2012

Thoughts on First Program Work-out, importance of play-lists and stop watch!

I started my day with an Isagenix shake 30 minutes before my workout (I will explain Isagenix later, but I am incorporating it into my workout diet)  had my first workout with my program.  I started with Level 2 - "The Recruit Workout"
I started sweating during the first exercise of the warm-up, consisting of

The shake I had (minus the fancy
strawberry (la-di-da!))

-10 Jumping Jacks
-15 Chops
-5 Hip Raises
-10 Rotational Chops
-8 (incline) Push-Ups

Oh wait very important!  Get some music to Pump you up!  You don't need house music or back to back beats, my playlist is very eclectic:

This is as much of my playlist as I needed today (there's nothing like warming up to Cecilia).  I downloaded an app that is a stop watch that came in handy called Minuteur, it helps keep you on check with your time.
Stop-Watch App I downloaded.

The program suggest that you write everything down to see your progress.  My thoughts on my first Rebel Workout:   I may need to read Level 3 as soon as this week.  I'm not out of shape, I just need to tone.  I followed up my workout with a Vinyasa Yoga class before work, plus also today is a play day for me.

So I will be going out tonight.  The program does give you the option of leeway on one day if you want to have a "cheat-day."  Most people would take a food day and pig-out; I prefer to take it as a night out!  And I am curious to see how this will go and how I will keep my intake count for the day.  Thank goodness for lunch I had a Chocolate Isalean Shake from Isagenix; I have about 1500 calories left for the day, not to mention the two work-outs for the day and the basic calorie burn off of just existing.  I think I'll be fine, but if I call you at night to bail me out of jail for some reason, please pick up the phone.


If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.  Tomorrow we'll talk about Isagenix!

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