Friday, November 9, 2012

New Project: Me!

Headstand.  After practicing one form of yoga for 5 years
I started learning inversions.  
I will be perfectly honest, I love yoga.  I don't think it is a secret.  I have been a very big fan of Bikram Yoga since 2005.  I've been perfectly content with the flexibility and vitality that the practice offers not to mention the way you feel after getting out of class.

Another thing I love is running.  I love the therapy it provides when you leave your house or get on the treadmill to think of nothing but the music in your ears (if you run with music)  and the thoughts in your head.  It's about the only time you can have to yourself nowadays.  Of course you have to resist the urge of answering texts and phone calls, other than that, you're good.

I ran the New York City Marathon last year.  I trained from July up to November then ran through 5 boroughs.  I was in pretty good shape in July when I started training, thanks to yoga. After two weeks, it was pretty much a ritual, get up, go out and run and it felt great.  The best part about it was the amount of calories I was burning by the end of training, I could eat anything I wanted and it would fly off.  The one thing I did not take into consideration was the muscle mass I was losing on account of not maintaining it and excessive running; it wasn't balanced exercise.  Don't get me wrong I felt great but after the marathon, I felt a bit strange.
Right after running the NYC Marathon in 2011.
I was left with a feeling of accomplishment, but also a feeling of what next?  I was left with what runners call "Marathon Depression,"  yes, it's a real feeling.  More so, I felt a bit more sluggish.
After a two month break, I began training for the New Jersey Marathon.  I also began training to become a a Hot Yoga Instructor.  Also, I was balancing that with a full-time job and a side-project (

Come April, my body said, "Woah, Woah, Woah."  I ended up with a sciatic issue that prevented me from running the full New Jersey Marathon and running a half marathon instead.  Not that it was awful!  It's just when you sign up to do something.  You really want to do it.  At least I do.

There are a lot of things we all wanted to do, but did you really want to do it?  I really wanted to run the New Jersey Marathon just like I really wanted to live in New York for a whole year and I really wanted to travel up the northeast this Fall.  I know, all three are luxuries, but they are a different kind of luxury.

Come May after the NJ Half-Marathon, all my projects where coming to an end, and for the first time in a long time I could not be happier!  I wanted to sit around and do nothing for awhile.


Yoga Training...certified.

Movie Project...currently in festival circuit.

Me...after these three months, ready for another challenge!

I am writing a book right now and I have a web-series in a very early stage of preproduction, but it's still not just for me.

My main focus this time around is gaining muscle mass and attaining a tone and fit body (I pretty much want to look amazing naked because I'm tried of wearing clothes, lol).  I know this is not an easy task, it's a challenge and will be very arduous, but it's what I want, and not just for right now, I want to make it my lifestyle.  The first person I said this to laughed in my face, to which I added, "That only makes me want it more, you know."  

After a lot of research and I found a program that I am more than happy with.  It's not a crazy-hard DVD set, or a crazy diet, it is pretty much common sense.

After reading the food guide to the program, I started it this past Monday and it's been fairly easy as I don't eat bad unless I go out and have a crazy night out.  And I am allowed a crazy night out here and there, but I have to get right back on the ball.

So that's it.  I'm putting this out there for motivation.  In a month, you should know whether or not I kept up with it or I was just jerking myself off.  I'm very dedicated to this; haters beware.

I'll be using this blog to post pictures, recipes and progress if you are interested.  I will also publicly post the program I am using if I think it works extremely well.


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