Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's nice out and it's JUICING time!!! Kale Juice recipe

So it's starting to get nice and and juicing and nice weather go well together.  I wanted to share a recipe for a Kale lemonade juice my friend showed me about two years ago.

KALE of course.    I usually use a whole bushel and get enough for one large serving or enough to share (duh, you hoarder)

a JUICER of course.  This is the one I stole from my sister.

Usually I juice the LEMONADE as well, but this is a good equivalent.  If you juice the lemons, use two.

a spoonful of CHIA SEEDS.

3 drops of LAVENDER.  It's allergy season.

A couple pieces of ICE

A spoonful of pure HONEY

Et Voila.

Now, please be forewarned it's great refreshing and it will clean you out.  Now if you excuse me.  I have to use the latrine.