Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back on Track

Holy Crap.  I'm back.  I hit an awful lull.  I continued my yoga practice, however strength training took a back seat.  I knew it was going to happen.

I did however continue follow the paleo eating plan; not without fail.   I allowed myself one cheat day and it usually was the day that I would go out and party with friends.  I knew I would eventually start-up again I just didn't expect it to take this long.  The part that I was most worried about is weight gain.  Luckily I only gained 4 lbs.

Picture of me cheating with radioactive
Cheese Fries!  Paleo-ish, lol.

So I joined the gym to being weight training and motivate.  After a week of going back on forth on what program I would follow now I decided on variation of the program I begin with Nerd Fitness along with Interval training on the treadmill and free weights.

Today was my first day and it felt great.  I also finally ponnied-up and got a membership for spotify so I can customized different playlists and subscribe to other people's playlists.

Tonight during running, I ran to a completely different playlist than I am used to.  One of the songs that came on that I found surprisingly motivating was Kanye West's Runaway.

I'd like to share it in this blog with you.  It's a great video as well.

Kanye West Runaway from Temuujin Enkhtaivan on Vimeo.


Steel Cut Oatmeal
Brown Sugar

230 Calories

Angus Burger       260 Calories
Kale                        34 Calories
Cheddar Cheese    113 Calories
Tomato                   22 Calories
Sweet Potato Fries 171Calories

600 Calories