Thursday, July 28, 2011

SOng of the day - incoMplEte

I've always felt a closeness with Alanis I think because she is a Gemini.  Whenever I'm down I listen to her, whenever I'm happy I listen to her and it's almost like she's been through something and she knows how to articulate it well.  I rarely find myself saying, "This songs about me!"  but sometimes with Alanis you feel that way.  If she's been through a break up, you're damn right you're going to feel it in her music, all the crazy emotions, etc...  

I love her and I think the gift of Alanis that a lot of consumers will never get is that we had the privilege of watching her artistically grow in front of our eyes and that's when people stopped listening.  They preferred her to be as miserable as she sounded on her first album; almost like it makes people happier to know someone else is just as or if not more miserable than you are.  

This song is so good.  I won't say more as she can say it better, I can only offer an interpreation

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Muse for today

Today was brought to you by David and Goliath :-)

Always a fascinating story.  I remember being afraid of it when I was a kid.  

Song of the Day - Tell Me This Night is Over

I have a very special place with this group, especially this song.  I was introduced to The Ark in 2002 by the late Dino de Laurentis' nephew, Edoardo.

Edoardo De Laurentis kicked sand in
in my roomate's face while at the
He came to the states to study film in Princeton and the NJ Film Commission hooked us up.  He was such a blast and had good taste in music but he was such a pain in the ass, lol.  Keep in mind this was 2002.  He must have been 18 or 19.  Also keep in mind he was Dino's nephew...Dino produced some of Hollywood's biggest movies.

I barely kept in touch with Edo and not sure if he would remember me but I did continue to follow The Ark and their music.  Fun, but dark most times.   The lead singer, as a friend points out is "very androgynous...I don't trust androgynous"  Either way his lyrics are moving.  If you haven't heard of them and you like glam rock / intelligent pop / ballads check them out.  They've been around for a minute, but of course, they are not as marketable as Adam Lambert would take more credit.

Tell Me This Night Is Over, sticks out today, it popped into my head.  I used to feel this way a lot in my mid-20's:

"I hope that someone's gonna come and tell me this night is over, cause I wanna start living my life before I get much older."

In true moments of despair it was an anthem.  I can remember feeling stuck somewhere and knowing you could do more if more was available or presented itself.  It's funny cause I never knew they made a video for it.  I'm glad they did

Friday, July 22, 2011

Song of the Day - Naci Orishas

I have been talking to a German photographer friend who wants to go to Cuba and take pictures of Old Havana before Cuba becomes the next Puerto Rico, an island that looks exactly like the U.S. (no offense but it's true).  He gave me his concept and told me he didn't know a lot about the island and would need an interpreter as well as locals.  Well,  I started thinking about it and it didn't take long for me to come to the conclusion that I will be joining him.  Also 90% of my family still lives in Cuba so we're set for the locals.

This is a pretty big decision considering I really had my heart set on going with my father, but that douche went last year and didn't let me know.  He went with his mom, so I get it, but still I always envisioned going there with him and the family of course.  But I realize more and more that I will see more, have more freedom to wander around alone and get lost in thought.

I don't agree with the leadership of the island, but there are not too many things I agree with politically anyway as I've learned more and more through the years, but I'm over judging where I'm going based on whose in power.  I think it's time for me to go.

I found this CD in my car today and was playing the Orishas, they are a Cuban Rap group I started listening to when I was 20.  Their first CD is amazing; this is off their 3rd which is great as well, but it was such an interesting time in life when their first disc came out that I have nothing but good memories.  The songs that I would like to share off that album do not hav videos, but this video is a great idea of community that exist in households that I grew up in.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Song of the Day - Burial

This band is amazing.  Up until recently I never had a visual for their intelligent music, then I said, "Oh let me see if that have anything on youtube,"  as if they wouldn't!

I have a fascination with India.  My next project will be a personal one where I would visit places in the world with a lot of spiritual energy, be it religious or just ancient.  I may not believe in certain sects of spirituality or religion, but they most certain cannot be denied.  Their energy or the energy that people bring to these places either visiting or among the inhabitants cannot be denied as well.

I wish to go be a part of these places at least for a moment in time.  This video makes me feel good.  It makes me feel like I am already there.  The lyrics are great as well.  The concept is a bit pompous but hey, why not, lol.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Song of the Day - (No) Happy Ending

I just got back from a funeral that I was not looking forward to going to, only because it was a sudden loss and a young life.  I am at a personal place with life and death but everyone grieves differently, so it's hard to comfort when everyone has their own way, but this was a bit more close to home.

I think about death a lot, not to be morbid just because no matter how we get to that point, it is inevitable that we will.  I know that if I didn't wake up tomorrow or something happened I can say that I have done everything within my current means to be happy and fulfilled (can you say that?  If not than look into that.) BUT that doesn't mean there isn't more for me to do.

I've had this song in my head since last night.  I use to apply it as many people use songs, to identify with a break-up or a temporary someone leaving your life but yesterday I found a new and more constructive way to interpret it.  It fits well with one of the best things I heard this past weekend while watching "the Princess Bride" (Classis) "Death cannot stop true love, it can only delay it for awhile."

Mika - Happy Ending.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Asshole of the Day - This dumb bus driver!

Thanks for joining me on my website blog!  I have an "Asshole of the Day Blog"  coming real soon.  For now I figured I could post here and I figured I can post here so I can give you a better walk through of my experience with assholes.    As always, I don't purposefully look for these people, nor do I want them in my life, however when they appear, they need to be marginalized.  

So I found myself on one of those buses today again, you know the ones my father used to tell me that when I got on, "the driver would see the size of my nose and ask me to pinch one nostril so other people had air to breathe too."  I was late to work again, but all for a good reason, at least in my opinion.  So I get on the bus and was excited because there were only two other people on the bus and it looked like it was going to remain that way.  I got started on my emailing from my phone, to make my boss think I'm already in the office and the bus makes a quick stop and then swerves, then comes the beeping and the cursing.  

So the bus driver had caught off a cab.  The cab came so close to him that after they shouted and the bus driver one the shouting contest, the ballsy cabby starts banging on the bus' rear view mirror, which INFURIATED the bus driver, so instead of being nervous like the Asian couple behind me, I scrambled for my phone so I can record some of it! (That's right I'll be recording these assholes from now on if I have enough forewarning of an upcoming asshole moment!)  

The Bus Driver
So...the cabbie hits the bus' mirror and speeds off into a RED LIGHT!  I was like, IT'S ON!  The bus driver jumps out of the bus and runs over to the cab and starts hitting the window, which the cabbie has now rolled up!  the light turns green, the cabbie punches the gas, and the fat bus driver runs back to his bus.  but on the way in he pulls a bigger asshole moment, telling the bus driver to, "Suck My Dick,"  then..."You Faggot."  

Well that just about did it for my ride....
There are reasons for me being late, and they usually start with some asshole