Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Awesome Article on Dead Man Working and Me, lol

Hey Guys,

Check out the Fall issue Talk of the Town magazine now online and on newsstands to read a really good interview and article about Dead Man Working and me!  lol.

When I was asked to do this interview, it was to promote the docufiction Dead Man Working, but it also focuses a bit on me, so if you want to know a little more about my background, by all means, read up!



Turn to page 23

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Song of the Day - Blurred Lines

I've never heard or liked a Robin Thicke song, but his father was Mr. Seaver.  "Blurred Lines." with Pharell and T.I. naked women dancing, I love it.  Great Summer Swag Song.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's nice out and it's JUICING time!!! Kale Juice recipe

So it's starting to get nice and and juicing and nice weather go well together.  I wanted to share a recipe for a Kale lemonade juice my friend showed me about two years ago.

KALE of course.    I usually use a whole bushel and get enough for one large serving or enough to share (duh, you hoarder)

a JUICER of course.  This is the one I stole from my sister.

Usually I juice the LEMONADE as well, but this is a good equivalent.  If you juice the lemons, use two.

a spoonful of CHIA SEEDS.

3 drops of LAVENDER.  It's allergy season.

A couple pieces of ICE

A spoonful of pure HONEY

Et Voila.

Now, please be forewarned it's great refreshing and it will clean you out.  Now if you excuse me.  I have to use the latrine.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back on Track

Holy Crap.  I'm back.  I hit an awful lull.  I continued my yoga practice, however strength training took a back seat.  I knew it was going to happen.

I did however continue follow the paleo eating plan; not without fail.   I allowed myself one cheat day and it usually was the day that I would go out and party with friends.  I knew I would eventually start-up again I just didn't expect it to take this long.  The part that I was most worried about is weight gain.  Luckily I only gained 4 lbs.

Picture of me cheating with radioactive
Cheese Fries!  Paleo-ish, lol.

So I joined the gym to being weight training and motivate.  After a week of going back on forth on what program I would follow now I decided on variation of the program I begin with Nerd Fitness along with Interval training on the treadmill and free weights.

Today was my first day and it felt great.  I also finally ponnied-up and got a membership for spotify so I can customized different playlists and subscribe to other people's playlists.

Tonight during running, I ran to a completely different playlist than I am used to.  One of the songs that came on that I found surprisingly motivating was Kanye West's Runaway.

I'd like to share it in this blog with you.  It's a great video as well.

Kanye West Runaway from Temuujin Enkhtaivan on Vimeo.


Steel Cut Oatmeal
Brown Sugar

230 Calories

Angus Burger       260 Calories
Kale                        34 Calories
Cheddar Cheese    113 Calories
Tomato                   22 Calories
Sweet Potato Fries 171Calories

600 Calories

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Lull / Learned Caloric Intake / Waiting on my world to change

As I finish my last two weeks of Nerd Fitness' Level 4 exercise routine; It was a bit longer than the past couple of levels and I have to admit it until you start the warm-up because you know what you are going to do, it's hard to get motivated but it's nothing a little bit of fun music can't get you through.

Also I've noticed that because the core of my body (excluding my midsection) is nice and stronger, I am at the point where if I see results, they are very minimal, even though you know they are happening.  We all know how gratifying it is to see results when they are clearly visible so this has proven to be a bit discouraging.


Courtesy of Schnippers in NYC.
I've followed my diet but loosened restritions, having one regular carb a day, be it bread or brown rice or cheese (yum).  On the right, you'll see what I mean, I ordered a grilled chicken salad with lettuce, nuts, goat cheese, some croutons and balsamic vinaigrette.    Not exactly horrible, however not exactly Paleo.

The calorie counting program I had been using for the past three months, "Calorie Counter,"  has now been retired.  At least for a while.  At this point I can sum up what I am having and making sure I stay within 2000 calories a day, not counting the calories that are burned off with exercise.

What am I doing these days?  Yoga or running every off day of working out and working out three times a day.  Off the top of my head I do not have or want an off day.

I figured I would loosen up now before I begin a strength training routine that would be a good 2-3 months of no cheating!  I'm even going to lighten up my drinking intake.  lol.  That's no joke!

My main focus during the next three months will be MUSCLE.  Arms. Chest. Back. Shoulders.

Avocado Mouse
Medium Avocado - 230 Calories
Lemon Juice - 12 Calories

Friday, January 11, 2013

The New Year / Sick / The Next Step

Me, spectacularly smashed, peeing on a tree.
Happy New Year.  It's been a minute since I posted but it's been the same-ole same-ole.  I pretty much kept well into my program as well as eating strictly Paleo, except I had  A LOT of cheat days.  I didn't necessarily go over the recommended 2000 calorie a day intake, but I did eat a lot of stuff, not on Paleo-Standards.  There were drunk nights, pizza nights, one pasta night, a KFC night, the works.

After working x-mas eve and x-mas for a private event, I went back to my day job and celebrated with friends on a saturday night out.  Then worked New Year's Eve and went got to my friend's house in time to go out a celebrate the new year coming.  I followed that  up with a jam-packed hot yoga class. Here I thought people would be too drunk to go but I was wrong.  The next day I headed right back into work.  Come Thursday I knew something was up.

I went to work and felt like I was starting to come down with something, I immediately began going through my oil bag and looking up what to use for fever, flu symptoms, a cold, whatever I was just determined not to get anything.  Turns out I left all of my respiratory ones at home next to my diffuser (they help me at night).

I woke up Friday and painfully went to work for a shoot, but I had the thought in the back of my mind that I would soon be in my bed.   As soon as I got home I dowsed myself in an oil blend called R.C. (respiratory control), Eucalyptus, Copaiba, Oregano, and Frankincense.  I repeated that and added more oils and by Saturday night I completely sweat out the flu.  That was ONE problem down, now I had to deal with a sinus infection and tension headaches (who knew).

Unfortunately I didn't have the necessary oils to deal with the sinus infection, so I turned to Advil Cold and Sinus which did a good job of knocking me the fuck out.  so I was happy about that.
By Wednesday, I was up and at work and back to my work-out routine.

An added cut.
I don't know what kind of super-flu is going around right now, but it definitely took advantage of my immune system.

Getting into my routine has been a bit rough in the sense of concentration, also I am a creature of habit, but it needs variety, plus, I feel tone enough at this point to start some heavy-duty lifting; the kind that works its way into your muscle and gives it that nice and plump look!

I think I may do a week of my Workout Level 4 then move on to the Strength training booklet provided by Nerd Fitness.

I'm excited about it but I feel like I need to end this part of the journey on a high note.


Vegetarian Brown Rice Box
-Bok Choy
-Chinese onion
-Peanut Hoison Dressing

Banana Tapoica
-Casava (Yucca)
-Coconut Milk

And I totally pampered myself and cheated with some dairy and had:

Vietnamese Coffee