Friday, January 11, 2013

The New Year / Sick / The Next Step

Me, spectacularly smashed, peeing on a tree.
Happy New Year.  It's been a minute since I posted but it's been the same-ole same-ole.  I pretty much kept well into my program as well as eating strictly Paleo, except I had  A LOT of cheat days.  I didn't necessarily go over the recommended 2000 calorie a day intake, but I did eat a lot of stuff, not on Paleo-Standards.  There were drunk nights, pizza nights, one pasta night, a KFC night, the works.

After working x-mas eve and x-mas for a private event, I went back to my day job and celebrated with friends on a saturday night out.  Then worked New Year's Eve and went got to my friend's house in time to go out a celebrate the new year coming.  I followed that  up with a jam-packed hot yoga class. Here I thought people would be too drunk to go but I was wrong.  The next day I headed right back into work.  Come Thursday I knew something was up.

I went to work and felt like I was starting to come down with something, I immediately began going through my oil bag and looking up what to use for fever, flu symptoms, a cold, whatever I was just determined not to get anything.  Turns out I left all of my respiratory ones at home next to my diffuser (they help me at night).

I woke up Friday and painfully went to work for a shoot, but I had the thought in the back of my mind that I would soon be in my bed.   As soon as I got home I dowsed myself in an oil blend called R.C. (respiratory control), Eucalyptus, Copaiba, Oregano, and Frankincense.  I repeated that and added more oils and by Saturday night I completely sweat out the flu.  That was ONE problem down, now I had to deal with a sinus infection and tension headaches (who knew).

Unfortunately I didn't have the necessary oils to deal with the sinus infection, so I turned to Advil Cold and Sinus which did a good job of knocking me the fuck out.  so I was happy about that.
By Wednesday, I was up and at work and back to my work-out routine.

An added cut.
I don't know what kind of super-flu is going around right now, but it definitely took advantage of my immune system.

Getting into my routine has been a bit rough in the sense of concentration, also I am a creature of habit, but it needs variety, plus, I feel tone enough at this point to start some heavy-duty lifting; the kind that works its way into your muscle and gives it that nice and plump look!

I think I may do a week of my Workout Level 4 then move on to the Strength training booklet provided by Nerd Fitness.

I'm excited about it but I feel like I need to end this part of the journey on a high note.


Vegetarian Brown Rice Box
-Bok Choy
-Chinese onion
-Peanut Hoison Dressing

Banana Tapoica
-Casava (Yucca)
-Coconut Milk

And I totally pampered myself and cheated with some dairy and had:

Vietnamese Coffee

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