Friday, January 25, 2013

The Lull / Learned Caloric Intake / Waiting on my world to change

As I finish my last two weeks of Nerd Fitness' Level 4 exercise routine; It was a bit longer than the past couple of levels and I have to admit it until you start the warm-up because you know what you are going to do, it's hard to get motivated but it's nothing a little bit of fun music can't get you through.

Also I've noticed that because the core of my body (excluding my midsection) is nice and stronger, I am at the point where if I see results, they are very minimal, even though you know they are happening.  We all know how gratifying it is to see results when they are clearly visible so this has proven to be a bit discouraging.


Courtesy of Schnippers in NYC.
I've followed my diet but loosened restritions, having one regular carb a day, be it bread or brown rice or cheese (yum).  On the right, you'll see what I mean, I ordered a grilled chicken salad with lettuce, nuts, goat cheese, some croutons and balsamic vinaigrette.    Not exactly horrible, however not exactly Paleo.

The calorie counting program I had been using for the past three months, "Calorie Counter,"  has now been retired.  At least for a while.  At this point I can sum up what I am having and making sure I stay within 2000 calories a day, not counting the calories that are burned off with exercise.

What am I doing these days?  Yoga or running every off day of working out and working out three times a day.  Off the top of my head I do not have or want an off day.

I figured I would loosen up now before I begin a strength training routine that would be a good 2-3 months of no cheating!  I'm even going to lighten up my drinking intake.  lol.  That's no joke!

My main focus during the next three months will be MUSCLE.  Arms. Chest. Back. Shoulders.

Avocado Mouse
Medium Avocado - 230 Calories
Lemon Juice - 12 Calories

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