Thursday, July 28, 2011

SOng of the day - incoMplEte

I've always felt a closeness with Alanis I think because she is a Gemini.  Whenever I'm down I listen to her, whenever I'm happy I listen to her and it's almost like she's been through something and she knows how to articulate it well.  I rarely find myself saying, "This songs about me!"  but sometimes with Alanis you feel that way.  If she's been through a break up, you're damn right you're going to feel it in her music, all the crazy emotions, etc...  

I love her and I think the gift of Alanis that a lot of consumers will never get is that we had the privilege of watching her artistically grow in front of our eyes and that's when people stopped listening.  They preferred her to be as miserable as she sounded on her first album; almost like it makes people happier to know someone else is just as or if not more miserable than you are.  

This song is so good.  I won't say more as she can say it better, I can only offer an interpreation

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