Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Song of the Day - Tell Me This Night is Over

I have a very special place with this group, especially this song.  I was introduced to The Ark in 2002 by the late Dino de Laurentis' nephew, Edoardo.

Edoardo De Laurentis kicked sand in
in my roomate's face while at the
He came to the states to study film in Princeton and the NJ Film Commission hooked us up.  He was such a blast and had good taste in music but he was such a pain in the ass, lol.  Keep in mind this was 2002.  He must have been 18 or 19.  Also keep in mind he was Dino's nephew...Dino produced some of Hollywood's biggest movies.

I barely kept in touch with Edo and not sure if he would remember me but I did continue to follow The Ark and their music.  Fun, but dark most times.   The lead singer, as a friend points out is "very androgynous...I don't trust androgynous"  Either way his lyrics are moving.  If you haven't heard of them and you like glam rock / intelligent pop / ballads check them out.  They've been around for a minute, but of course, they are not as marketable as Adam Lambert would take more credit.

Tell Me This Night Is Over, sticks out today, it popped into my head.  I used to feel this way a lot in my mid-20's:

"I hope that someone's gonna come and tell me this night is over, cause I wanna start living my life before I get much older."

In true moments of despair it was an anthem.  I can remember feeling stuck somewhere and knowing you could do more if more was available or presented itself.  It's funny cause I never knew they made a video for it.  I'm glad they did

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