Saturday, November 10, 2012

Going Paleo, Counting Calories and what it really means!

So the program I am currently on recommends the Paleo-lifestyle, which after flirting with Vegetarianism and Raw-Foodism is more than fine with me (everything in moderation right?)  Let's face I'm Latin, and I love Latin food and you try and talk my mother into thinking Meat is bad for you.

On the contrary, going Paleo means just that, food that our ancestors ate that kept them fit for the hunt.   Anything that you can pick or that ran, flew or swam on this earth.  That doesn't sound so bad right?  That's what I thought and I'm going with it.  The hardest thing will be the carbs!  Your fruit and vegetables are your carbohydrates, however the good carbs.

So what can you eat?  Lol, well now that I'm a calorie counter-whore the first thing I did was think of what is already in my diet that I could keep and what I have to get rid of.  Basically you have to remove all dairy and and things that you're body, if you were living in "Paleo-Time," would have a hard time breaking down, basically anything processed, yes that includes carbs and cheese, and I love fucking cheese! But I am going to go hardcore on this for 6 weeks.

The second thing I did was find a great program with a convenient app that allows you to track all of your calories consumed throughout the day.  After entering your body info, it also gives you an estimate of calories you should be consuming a day.  If you are working out, there is a section to enter that info too and assess your intake/outtake daily.  On top of that it has a community you can talk to and log with and support!

I am sure there are many out there but this is the one I chose:

I think my Display name is Lesalas, if you join.

A Typical Work Meal Day:

PB Acai Bowl from Juice Generation in NYC.
For breakfast, I usually have an Peanut Butter Acai Bowl from Juice Generation, on 44th and 9th. Acai something I picked up from my trip to Brazil last year.  I had heard a lot about it before but when I was in Rio it was the first time I had it and when I came back I WANTED MORE, lo.  The Acai is a superfood, it's an energy fruit:

-It has a wonderful concentration of anti-oxidants

-10 times more than red grapes and 10 to 30 times the anthocyanins of red wine

-Essential Amino Acid Complex with Trace Minerals that are vital to proper muscle contraction and regeneration.

-Essential Fatty Acids, Enzymes, Dietary Fibers...the list goes on!

I don't have to have one everyday but at 430 calories, I'll take this over a bagel with eggs, cheese and bacon.  I do however have two workdays where I have two egg-whites, bacon and peppers in a wheat wrap or something of that nature.  I would get the AcaĆ® bowls everyday but I would spend more time on the toilet then working, lol.  I know that Peanut Butter is not something necessarily picked, BUT, you can make some alterations, and even this alteration isn't bad; it's natural, omega-3 laced and full of good fat!

For Lunch, It typically depends.  There is a great place downstairs that serves Vietnamese food it's delicious, Clean and bordering on macrobiotic.  I usually go there and stear away from white rice and noodles and go more for the grains, proteins and veggies.

There is also Guy and Gaillard, a super-deli, I'm sure there are a great deal similar delis all over the city.   In the picture on the right, I packed all Ready-to-Eat Turkey from Trader Joes, All-natural cranberry sause also from Trader Joes and the veggies, bok choy, broccoli and carrots all stemas with no salt from Guy and Gaillard.

For dinner, I have a good source of protein, some grains and veggies.  This meal on the left is a Filet from Trader Joes (I made the most of the trip!)  Blended Grains, mostly Barley with veggies, one medium avocado with some olive oil and salt, and steamed spinach.  SOOOO good.

One night this week I had a glass of red wine, but the program doesn't shun away from alcohol in moderation.

Usually though for drinks, it's just water or the occasional cup of black coffee.  I even throw a club soda in there somewhere.



If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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