Thursday, December 6, 2012

Update on how I feel and FINALLY the program I'm using.

Yes, it's one of those pictures..
OK, so I am about to finish my 6th week of a Paleo diet and my 5th week of strength training.  For the past 2 weeks I also added a sprint after each workout session.

I have lost 11lbs., and added muscle mass.  I want to note that I've done this so far by consistently monitoring my calorie intake (even with alcohol, cause my friends know that I've gone out), and keeping as much to natural food as possible.  
But let's keep it real,  I've had pizza, a Bacon Cheeseburger and even my biggest guilty pleasure, taco bell's Chicken Quesadilla and a Bean Burrito in the past two weeks.  The day after I do though I've felt groggy (omg, not after the Pizza though!  Cheesy Pizza, corner of Broadway and 105th st.)

Other than that I have been using Isagenix products as well as Young Living Essential Oils products with the occasional Oxy Elite Pro if I feel to tired for a sprint.

Other than the workouts prescribed, I have been walking instead of taking trains or walking when a car is not necessary and throwing in the occasional hot yoga class on off days.

I'm not going to lie, it feels good, it feels different than other things I've tried, but then again I have been able to combine them all into my lifestyle now.

Nerd Fitness!
So after coming this far (so far)  I feel comfortable enough to promote the program I am using.  I was researching what type of fitness routine to follow and the one I thought served me best that the time was Nerd Fitness.  I mean the name alone says it all but it was whipped up Steve Kamb and is basically geared towards office job workers or people that have sat behind computers long enough to make a difference in how they feel and how their body feels.  

I like what he says and I like what he preaches and I like their program as well as the forum for their users.  I like the habit building as well as being able to do the exercises without a gym.  Eventually I feel I will have to join, but I'll come down that road when I do.

Lunch yesterday:
Peruvian Dish - Lomo Salteado with Chicken

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