Monday, December 10, 2012

Crazy Saturday / Disciplined / Paleo App

What can I tell you, Saturday was my niece's birthday. I headed up from a trip to Maryland early in the morning.

I drove up early in the morning and figured since it was a cheat day, I'd start the day off with a guilty pleasure, a McGriddle and a hash brown.  It was delicious but I knew how many more calories I had left for the day.  Once I got home I did my workout and headed into my niece's party and dinner with her parents and grandparents.

For dinner my father brought Prime Rib slab of meat.  After helping him get it all cut and set while having a glass of wine or two, we sat down and ate away.

I ate a good portion, not too big but not too small.  It was a meet and potatoes night.  I had a couple of slices of bread too.  Oh yeah, I went all out.    After we cut my nieces cake, which was beautiful, made my Tony, The Pastryarch, Albanese.  I took a breather and got ready for the rest of the night.

Afterwards, I met my friends Anny and Lou and heading to the Nutley Pub.  We partook in some drinks and karaoke.  It was a great night.  THEN the unthinkable happened! I convinced myself into a White Castle trip

How did I end up here.
I thought oh, a double cheesebuger or two won't hurt, and some chicken rings, and some Mozzerella Sticks, HOLD IT.  That's where my mistake was!  5 mozarella sticks where 2100 calories...2100!!!!!

I already had 1800 calories for the day!

So the next morning I was floored, this is something I used to do so much when I was younger, a trip to White Castle was like the night cap!  I've learned my lesson, lol.

This morning, I was back on from this crazy cheat day, and a little wiser about it.  It turns out from all of my cheat days, the healthiest fast food chain, is Wendy's believe it or not.

To discipline myself, I did my exercise routine today and two sets of 18 minute sprints.  Lesons learned, lol.  I will defintely think twice before I get in front of a White Castle Menu.

I mean hey it happens.  I wanted to also let you know there is a great app called, Paleo Central at itunes, it's a great little app that tells you if something is Paleo or not, if you are ever in doubt.

Cheers all!


Dinner Tonight:
-Filet Mignon
-Beet Salad w. green apples, onions and a handful of walnuts
-half glass of Sauvignon Blanc

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