Friday, January 13, 2012

Song of the Day - High Energy

The 80's were so gay.  Not stupid gay, gay gay. For some reason (past life?)  this and a couple of late 70's early 80's songs keep POPPIN into my head.  Today it was this song and "Catch Me!  I'm falling in love."

Anyhow I looked this song up and low and behold there is a video, shot in a club....with very gay dance moves...a black woman who is perhaps very GLBT-friendly, and gender-challenged, on a platform spinning her wig off.

I'm serious at one point as she spins, cue in the 80's dissolve effect and her high voice, I genuinely thought she would spin through the floor.  If she did those people in the club wouldn't even notice they were so high on booger sugar.  Still a great song-

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