Thursday, September 1, 2011

Important Video of the Day

Important Video of the Day -   The beginning of this video is the world we live in.  Look down at your lunch today, and think about what warehouse it came from.  

The rest of the video is what we should be doing and places like Chipotle have done.  Yes, McDonald's gave them their start by investing in them, we all make mistakes, but they have been solo and franchised-owned since 2006.  They are one of the first chain restaurant to offer all CLEAN FOOD.   

This is not to be preachy, it's out of genuine care.  You will do what you will, but you don't have to give anything up, you don't have to be on a crazy diet, you just have to know where you're food is from and who is making it

Also, I'm not a parent, but I will be someday soon; pay attention to what you feed your children.  You wouldn't shove shit in your mouth just because you are in a hurry would you?  So don't do it to them.  

Thanks Mom.   And Thanks Reed.

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