Monday, August 8, 2011

Training, working, editing DMW and the practice of Tonglen

Yikes!  I've neglected my blog while I've been focusing on what was a rough week.  I am officially running the NYC marathon in November after 5 years of waiting :)

I'm thinking of dedicating each training day run to a runner who is no longer with us, or runners who cannot run....

I'm overworked and need a vacation but in due time....

The only thing that has been coming to mind recently is the Tibetan word "tonglen."  It is a word taught to me by Joan Halifax in 2006 which means giving or taking.  It's a breathing practice where you visualize yourself taking in the suffering of others when you inhale and on showering happiness and success on the exhale.    It's kinda like "out with the old in with the new,"  except it's more "in with the bad, out with the good."

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